PlayStation 2 review


The dispatch of the PlayStation2 (PS2) was on October 26, 2000. Masses of individuals were swarmed in little spaces, simply outdoors in line to get their hands on the primary bunch of PS2’s that loyal Thursday. Each and every one of them sold out, which was not astounding. Just 500,000 PS2’s hit the USA’s stores that day in light of a wreck up by Sony. There should be 1,000,000. Gracious well. Here is my survey of the PS2.

I wish I could have back the majority of the hours I put into playing my PlayStation2. I have had a PS2 since its dispatch on October 26, 2000. What an awesome day that was. It was a Thursday and I had school. I woke up around 6 A.M. furthermore, me and my progression father went to the shopping center to hold up outside of Sears to get one of the 4 PlayStation2’s they had coming in that unwavering Thursday. There were 3 individuals before us so we got the last one in the wake of holding up 6 hours in the downpour and chilly. I even played hooky to boot! Is it true that it was justified, despite all the trouble you inquire? I’ll let you know. It was justified regardless of consistently that I held up.


The PS2’s equipment is extraordinary console astute, however needs when contrasted with the other 2 consoles of this era of consoles (GameCube, Xbox). It has 4 MB of Video RAM, which may appear like not much but rather it truly is. The PS2 can play CD-ROM and DVD group amusements. It has a 128 piece CPU and 32 MB of memory. The PS2 looks cool. It’s dark and has the PS2 logo on the highest point of it.

There is one worry through numerous’ eyes however and that is the Disk Read Error issue. Plate Read Errors or DRE, are the point at which the PS2’s laser isn’t perusing the diversions right and won’t play one certain sort of amusement. It as a rule happens to CD-Rom group amusements on the vast majority’s consoles. More often than not, it is a direct result of limitless measures of dust and not dealing with the PS2 despite the fact that it now and then is simply arbitrary. This truly just happened in dispatch PS2’s and ones close dispatch. The most current arrangement of the console has guaranteed to settle the issue thus far, there appear to be fewer and fewer reports of Disk Read Errors. In the event that you do happen to get one however, you can simply send your PS2 to Sony and they will alter it for a little expense.

In general, the PS2 has awesome equipment.


ps3 controller

The controller is incredible. It is the same DualShock from the PSX however is presently called the DualShock2. I figure that was vital since it is PlayStation2 all things considered. The controller set up has an awesome configuration. I, and numerous others, observe it to be an incredible controller for diversions of all classes. The controller is general great and exceptionally well made and will keep going you quite a while. The PS2 just accompanies 2 controller ports so that is all you will require.


The PS2 has awesome components that accompany it! The number 1 highlight is the capacity for it to play PlayStation 1 recreations. This must be the best element since it gives you access to 1000’s of PSX amusements regardless you have the several PS2 diversion as of now discharged! Another component is the capacity to play DVD’s and CD’s (copied CD’s as well). The PS2 doesn’t accompany 4 controller ports, yet just 2. In spite of the fact that you can get a multi-tap, which will give you a chance to have 4 players.

There is additionally a Network Adapter accessible which will give you a chance to play diversions on the web. A portion of the more well known web amusements are SOCOM US Navy SEALs (broadband just), Frequency, Twisted Metal: Black Online (comes free with the Network Adapter), and Madden 2003. These are only a portion of the numerous awesome elements that PS2 brings to the table. The components are extraordinary!

There is additionally a hard drive for PS2, yet it is just discharged in Japan as I am composing this survey. The hard drive is required to play a few diversions online like Everquest Online and Final Fantasy XI.