Papo & Yo review

Papo & Yo review;

Papo & yo

Papo and Yo is the account of a young man, Quico, and his closest companion, Monster. Creature is a colossal mammoth with well sharpened sharp teeth, however that doesn’t frighten Quico off from playing with him. So, Monster has an extremely hazardous issue: a dependence on toxic frogs. The moment he sees one jump by, he’ll scarf it down and fly into a brutal, frog-affected wrath where nobody, including Quico, is protected. But then, Quico adores his Monster and needs to spare him.

As Quico, players will manufacture their kinship with Monster by comprehending astounds together and adventuring through a mysterious, surrealist world. Players should figure out how to utilize Monster’s feelings, both great and terrible, to their favorable position on the off chance that they need to finish their quest for a cure and spare their buddy.